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Illinois Coalition of Appraisal Professionals

Legislative Updates/News

Legislative Updates/News

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State Board Application

Legislative Updates

+ 06-05-2018 - Condo Deconversions: Proceed With Caution

A letter from the Franklin Law Group aims to reduce the probability of potential liability or license complaints, when developers and investors are looking to deconvert condominium projects into rental apartments.

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+ 05-22-2018 - ICAP Signed A Letter To The Chairman of the Appraisal Subcommittee

The letter states that if there was one clear takeaway from the comments received by the ASC during the TriStar Bank appraiser waiver process, it is that numerous appraisers were ready and willing to provide TriStar with the appraisal services they experienced difficulty obtaining on their own.  Additionally the letter states that these organizations can work within their respective states to inform appraisers of the need of the financial institutions and encourage qualified individuals to reach out and offer their services. 

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+ 04-23-2018 - Changes To Illinois Administrative Rules

This rule change has the force and effect of law. These amendments have updated references to the latest USPAP Standards edition, amended various provisions to coincide with federal regulatory guidelines at the request of the Appraisal Subcommittee, established a new continuing education completion deadline, made  changes to the disciplinary process and criminal background check requirements.  These amendments have been adopted, effective 03/23/18.  They were published in the April 6th Illinois Register.  

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+ 04-11-2018 - ICAP Joined 25 Organizations in Opposition to the Appraisal Waiver Request From TriStar Bank

The letter expressed ICAP's strong opposition to the waiver request sought by TriStar Bank, and stated that "not only that there is NO shortage of appraisers in the Nashville MSA which TriStar lends in, but that the broad impact of the granting of a waiver in this MSA would be catastrophic in its impact to the overall safety and soundness of the underlying lending transactions and the broader public trust". The letted urged the Subcommittee to deny TriStar’s application.

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+ 04-11-2018 - The Appraisal Institute Writes a Letter in Favor of ICAP's Statute of Limitations Bill

The letter states that a statute of repose that is specific to claims against real estate appraisers will provide appraisers and appraisal companies with the certainty of knowing the time during which a suit or disciplinary action might be filed.

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+ 03-19-2018 - ICAP signed a letter addressed to Mike Crapo, Chairman of the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs

The letter states that reducing appraisal requirements increases risks to the taxpayers, who stand behind FDIC-insured institutions. The letter encourages the Committee on Banking to examine adherence to existing safety and soundness regulations by financial institutions and the underlying business and regulatory environment of real estate appraisers, finding ways to make the appraisal regulatory structure more efficient and attractive to the next generation of appraisers. 

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+ 03-17-2018 - ICAP Participates in a letter with the Network of State Appraiser Organizations regarding TriStar’s Temporary Waiver Request

The letter states that TriStar’s Temporary Waiver Request is a shocking attempt to sidestep one of the most basic and integral safeguards for housing and the economy at large: verifying and certifying the value of the collateral that is securing a mortgage.  Further, the letter contends that the ASC’s authority to “temporarily waive certification or licensing requirements” in a particular area should not be provided in order to make it more convenient for a lender to conduct its business or resolve issues which arise from its business practices.

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ICAP Information

+Frequently Asked Questions

What is ICAP's mission statement?
ICAP works to promote the appraisal profession and its image to the general public and to users of appraisal services. ICAP initiates discussion and analysis of issues affecting professional appraisers and monitors political action with the intent to influence legislation, regulation and public opinion toward the appraisal profession.

What are the benefits of an ICAP membership?
Click here for the benefits of an ICAP membership.

Who should join ICAP?
Real estate appraisers, accountants, assessors, attorneys, and anyone else who would like to stay up-to-date on regulation, legislation and everything that has to do with the latest developments in Illinois’s real estate appraisal profession.

How much are ICAP”s annual membership dues?
ICAP’s annual membership dues are $85 per year

When does my membership start and expire?
ICAP memberships start January 1st and expire on December 31st

How can I find my username or password?
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Where can I log in?
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Where can I update my account?
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Where can I find information about ICAP seminars?
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Where can I make a political action donation?
You can make a political action donation here

How can I get involved?
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Who can I contact if I have other questions?
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Representation in Springfield, IL

ICAP represents real estate appraisers in Illinois through continuing communication with our State Representatives. ICAP has advocated for appraisers and influenced Illinois State Legislation and Regulation to ensure that appraisers are represented.



ICAP's political action fund - ICAP collects contributions from members and uses those funds to help elect candidates for public office who are supportive of appraiser related issues. To contribute to ICAP's PAC visit our website at www.icapweb.org


Strength in Numbers

Participating in a membership of over 1,300 members gives you real strength. ICAP serves the interests of all our members whether they specialize in residential or commercial real estate.


Constant Contact

Through our regular ICAP E-mail Updates and Social Media Campaign (Facebook, LinkedIn, Blog and Twitter) ICAP members can connect with other Illinois appraisers and stay up-to-date on regulation, legislation and everything that has to do with the latest developments in the real estate appraisal profession.


Job Search

ICAP has created a bulletin board for appraisers seeking employment and employers offering career opportunities within the appraisal community. Membership can visit our Job Search Bulletin Board at www.icapweb.org.


Online appraiser tools

ICAP Members can access hundreds of relevant appraisal related links at our website www.icapweb.org. Including our Appraisal Laws and Rules.


ICAP Summer Seminars - Education/Networking

In addition to the seven hours of continuing education awarded by the State of Illinois, ICAP provides a vast array of business networking opportunities during ICAP's annual summer seminars. Meet your peers and develop life-long connections.



ICAP members receive special member-only pricing on ICAP's annual summer seminars, special deals from OfficeMax Products & Services, and up to 40% off normal Avis Rent-A-Car Rates.


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Companies and individuals looking for ICAP members can quickly find them by using ICAP's Find an Appraiser search function. Potential clients can search by Name, City, Postal Code, County or any combination thereof.


Opportunities to Lead

Gain leadership skills and experience by serving on committees. Get involved with ICAP and grow your business. Meet and work with appraisal professionals. To volunteer for committee opportunities send us a message at www.icapweb.org.

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